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Health & Fitness: Self Improvement |

Health & Fitness: Self Improvement

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Do you find that you are dragging each day instead of having a feeling of contentment? You can see this even in some people even early in their twenties. Aging is partially one’s attitude and is not just chronologica. Have you seen someone that has given up early in life? That is so painful to see when the sparkle has gone out of someone’s eyes and there is a listlessness.

what keeps us young inside? Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss”. This is something that we don’t always we feel we can do if we are in the midst of a difficult semester of school work or have a job we are in just to feed the family and survive. But having some activity that is rejuvenating during these difficult times as well as a light at the end of the tunnel can give us hope and energy.

All the anti-aging experts recommend exercise as an important tool to maintain youthfulness, flexibility and strength. Healthy foods and vitamins also give us vitality, energy and ingredients we may not get if we eat a fast food diet. We need to feed both our bodies and our minds.

Open a book of quotations, proverbs, bravery stories or an inspiring autobiography to look at a few minutes before going to bed. When inspiration is the last thing we think about before going to sleep it gives a message to our subconscious mind.

Maintaining a level of humor and a twinkle when we look at our lives is always a boost. Be able to laugh at the melodrama that takes over and not take it as an ultimate “fact”. Think about people who have it harder and the circumstances that others suffer through that are far worse than your own. Feeling like your life is a heavy weight makes you age because you feel hopeless, have no coping mechanisms and see no solutions. See this as a transitional state and work on ways to make each day lighter, an adventure and a lesson for learning as your personal development tool. If the job you are in seems to be a dead end, then looking into some part-time classes, career counseling and other opportunities is a way to turn inside and help find your true potential that lies dormant within you.

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Excerpt from: Health & Fitness: Self Improvement

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